Linda Kraft


What the fika do you mean? 🤔🫥🤯

Project description

The brief was to create a project using one or multiple machine learning tools and AI. After learning about what is possible with machine learning, I wanted to explore a topic I am very interested in: language differences and untranslatable words. I communicated my concept using p5.js, ChatGPT, emojis, and hand tracking.

こもれび (Komorebi), a Japanese word that describes the scattered sunlight 🌤️ falling through the leaves 🍃 on the trees 🌳 as a very peaceful 🧘, magical ✨moment.


Experience prototyping course at Umeå Institute of Design


Machine Learning, p5.js, Language, Emojis, Prototyping




individual work on a 3-day project

Starting with the basics, hand-tracking and placing something in on the hands and in between, to get a feeling for the interaction. Possible concept starters include: measuring distance between hands, reveal something, stretch or deform something, moving along x-axis, move along y-axis, move on both?

Does ChatGPT know language differences?

I played around with ChatGPT, as it just launched and tried to understand how well it can understand untranslatable words in different languages. Turns out, it nailed it with describing words like Fernweh, Hygge or こもれび (Komorebi). Inspired by Jennifer Daniels latest substack, I asked it to describe the words with emojis, as they step in when language is not enough. Emojis can say what is not always being said.

A concept started to emerge: what if I reveal more emojis if I open my arms. A beautiful gesture, when we think about opening up to other cultures and languages. Fixing bugs in order to create a seamless experience and it knows which hand is right, left or someone else's.

Added some visual instructions for the small prototype to invite users to open up their arms and starts exploring.  •  CV  •  Linkedin  •  Twitter  •  Linda Kraft © 2023