Linda Kraft

Expressive Signals

Enhancing expression through crafted connectivity and microinteractions

Project description

How might we enhance expression through micro-interactions in digital communication? How might we introduce quirkiness, fun, and personal expression to our unified, unemotional black screens? I am proposing a repository of explorations that friendly invite to break design systems and utilise micro-interactions and tools that elicit what you don’t expect. By deconstructing digital communication, I could detect many components that can be understood as signals and sensors that we can connect to create new ways of communicating. My results propose combining, tweaking, and exploring new digital communication features to enhance expression.

This passion project dwells on my interest in language, communication, storytelling, and every nerdy-cognitive science bit around it. I anticipate contemporary needs for stretching design systems and want to inspire and provoke future ones. This project focuses on play, joy, and other aspects of life that I feel have been neglected in favor of utility or pragmatism.


Master Thesis in Interaction Design, Umeå Institute of Design


storytelling, communications, micro interactions, design system, haptics




5 months of individual work from concept to execution


Ambra Trotto, Jadie Oh, Christoffel Kuenen, Ale Argenio

Awards & Recognitions

Red Dot Distinction Award: Brands&Communication 2023

Design for and with communication

Presence's poise

What if we could play with presence, visually enter conversations and give a sneak peak at what’s about to come?

Tactful treasures

While texting: speech bubbles do a great job of visually differentiating content. What if they could match their content?

Twinkling trove

Similar to holding onto cherished letters, this feature allows users to keep messages that hold sentimental value, creating a digital repository of meaningful exchanges.

Dedicated delivery

For some messages, there needs to be the right place, the right time or the right mood. What if we could ensure our message doesn't drown somewhere in between?

Personal palette

Emoijs are the hand gestures of the internet. What if they could become even more unique, like your way of speaking?•

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