Linda Kraft

Emotional Sound 

What if you could search for music that matches your emotional state? is a research lab and technology company with a clear mission: to ensure that artificial intelligence is built to improve human emotional well-being. The first step in building AI that can understand and respond to emotional expressions is to create a system that can identify and interpret vocalizations. This experience will demonstrate the feasibility of this approach.

This project was created during my time at Hello Monday in 2021 and launched in April 2022. I was working from the start to end on this project, on initial story and UX to branding and hand off for dev.

The Emotional Sound Experience was recognized at the Webby Awards 2022 and won the People's Choice Award in the category Websites and Mobile Sites in Science / Technical Achievement.

We wanted to create a visual identity that matches with but yet can stand alone and feel coherent. The emotions were a core of our explorations and were redrawn multiple times to fit their meaning in shape and color.

The experience should also accessible on mobile, so we translated it to a responsive version that works equally great as on desktop.

A big thank you to the team at and Hello Monday for creating a space of trust for me to run freely and explore many styles and experiences. This was not a one-man show but rather a really explorative team effort to learn and grow while at it.  •  CV  •  Linkedin  •  Twitter  •  Linda Kraft © 2023