Linda Kraft

The Embassies

Elevating aging through global hospitality

Project description

THE EMBASSIES is a brand-new hospitality concept aiming to redefine aging and retirement experiences. To effectively communicate their objectives and display the numerous advantages they have to offer, a website and platform was necessary.

We created a modular and flexible design system that could be easily adapted over time. My role was to develop the customer experience and the UX of the website and app, alongside the visual identity, to create a design system that can adapt with time and be easily altered.


THE Embassies


CX strategy, website UX & design, product design




Hello Monday


Esben Hindhede, Morten Solvstrom, Jeppe Aaen, Maja Andersen


UX, design

Awards & Recognitions

Silver + People's Choice award at Lovie Awards

Creating trust was one of the most significant factors to design for. So we stayed transparent about the process and wanted to invite customers on the journey of this exciting endeavor.

As the content was ready to roll out step by step, we created a section of beautiful stories- told by the people behind The Embassies.

Not knowing what to design for and in which time frame was exciting and terrifying at the same time. My Hello Monday colleagues created a genuinely great environment for me to test things and learn. I could execute user tests and develop strategies for and with the team of The Embassies. I hope this project will inspire our view on aging and retirement.  •  CV  •  Linkedin  •  Twitter  •  Linda Kraft © 2023