Linda Kraft

id_methodLAB -^

Explore, understand and apply methods.

Method Lab, Industrial Design, Bergische Universität Wuppertal

The LAB -^

Here you can strengthen your writing skills and learn about creative, research and coaching methods.

Role -^

I worked as a research assistant for Anne Kurth together with Eva Licht in the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Wuppertal. My role was to organise and facilitate workshops and to announce them on social media, email and posters.

Method development, soft skill development, workshop moderation, facilitation & documentation

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Des. Andreas Kalweit, Dipl.-Des. Anne Kurth, Eva Licht

My Role
research assistant

About -^

In the open workshop formats students can: strengthen their methodological competence; train their self – efficacy; expand their learning processes in a more scientifically technical manner and develop the ability to change perspectives. The id_methodLAB can intervene and supplement where teaching anchored in the curriculum cannot always be as flexible - in the form of experimental methods or the direct testing of new state-of-the-art methods.

Why using methods?

The field of work of industrial designers has changed considerably in recent years. In order to successfully meet this change, we provide the designers of tomorrow with the necessary knowledge in a balanced curriculum and consider design from all sides: hands-on and practice-oriented, methodological and scientific. A versatile education forms designers with vision, who grow beyond the function of pure form designers. The id_methodLAB strengthens our students in their methodological competence, self-efficacy and in the scientific nature of their learning process.

Current methodical know-how from creative, economic and scientific areas is imparted in order to develop and expand the students' skills set. The focus is not only on established and common methods, but also on the status quo in the form of current and newly developed methods.

Agility & Co -^

These workshop formats also familiarise the students with the tools needed to work effectively in a team. Participative processes as the basis for innovation development will become increasingly important in organisations in the future, so learning the ability to work in a team or to provide impulse-setting process support (facilitation) is already an important professional prerequisite for many job profiles.

The visibility of the id_methodLAB -^

In order to achieve greater visibility among students, we are visible on Instagram and with posters in uni. I managed the Instagram channel and design the content from the respective workshops. (check it out -> @id_methodlab)

Reflection -^

During my time at id_methodLAB, I grew professionally quite a bit. I had to prepare and give workshops, sometimes alone, to people that I didn't know. This stressed me out a lot, but once the workshop started, I was rewarded with great conversations and positive feedback. Even our online sessions were really rewarding and I felt like we could still do our work the way we used to. I am very grateful for my time and learned a vast amount that is still useful in my daily tasks today.

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