Linda Kraft

Fear no more-^

Understanding cultural shifts and proposing implications for the field of health insurances in the future.

Exchange Semester @DAAP, University of Cincinnati, 2017

Brief -^

Learn the trend forecasting process, which will help to cultivate a better understanding of how to identify cultural shifts that will impact design, branding and innovation efforts. Use this research methodology to anticipate future consumer aspirations and needs and apply to the field of study.

Approach -^

During my exchange semester in Cincinnati I focused on different directions from classic industrial design to a focus on strategy and trend forecasting. Choosing trend forecasting at DAAP (Design, Architecture, Arts and Planning) enabled me to dive deeper into the process of creating strong ideas and strengthen my soft skills.

Interviews, trend analysis, forecasting, application

2 months of group work with Elizabeth O'Hearn, Samantha Schneider, Elizabeth Kiley

My Role
Out-of-class reading, in-class analysis, articulation of trend research

About -^

The trend forecasting course was set together as a multidisciplinary team of graphic, fashion, communication and industrial design students. First we all researched alone and read articles, books and interviewed friends and strangers, we wrote the statements on some big sticky notes. We soon started to categorise our statements with the help of the S.T.E.E.P. model (social, technological, economic, environmental & political).

Fear no more

We are realising that harmful events, such as daily terrorist attacks, mass shootings, increases in pandemics, and feelings of isolation, are no longer exceptions in our lives but are now the norm. We are learning to accept the inevitability of harmful events and health hazards rather than attempting to prevent their occurrence. By using future-forward tactics in the realms of re-created art and architecture, medical fields, artificial intelligence, and other digital advancements, we are able to move forward and create solutions to world problems. We will ultimately regain a sense of tranquility. Now, we can endeavour to take calculated risks with our lives in the pursuit of exploration. This will allow us to explore new hedonistic endeavours based in curiosity and creativity.

Business Trend Application -^

As a group, systematic research and analysis of brands with potential to activate on grouped category trends. Development of SWOT analysis, brand earnings, brand mission/vision, earnings, and consumer attitudes/purchasing habits to yield trend-generated recommendations that can meaningfully impact brand strategy, innovation or marketing efforts.

Reflection -^

Trend forecasting adds value by providing clarity, by provoking newness and by increasing self-awareness. I will use this research methodology to anticipate future consumer aspirations and needs and apply to their field of study.

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